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A Salem MCK and a Salem MCK-GS pouring out the coal on a job!


Inside and out a Salem MCK!

Salem MC MUL-T

The Salem MC is the flagship of  Salem Tool Inc’s auger lineup.  Its the most versatile, highest production per man hour, auger on the market today.  With the Salem MC, you can recover thin seams of coal that used to be too expensive to recover but can also be converted over accommodate larger seams also.  The Salem MC can handle one, two or three cutting heads, drilling holes from 16″ and up.  The Salem MC is a self moving unit, easily maneuvering and adapting to any pit floor and highwall.  The Salem MC is operated by a two man crew that operates the machine safely out of  a heated and air conditioned cab.  With our latest innovations to the new Salem MC’s, our newest models are now drilling out to 500+ feet with ease and with some of our newest technology, the skies the limit.



Under Construction!  Call 606-528-2963 ext 1 for more info on Salem Coal Augers…