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The Salem MC Mul-T:

This machine sits low, recovers thin seam coal that other machines can’t and can convert over to drill thicker seams too.  The Salem MC Mul-T can handle one, two or three cutting heads, drilling holes from 16″ to 51″ in diameter.  The Salem MC Mul-T is operated efficiently by a two man crew making this the highest production, lowest operating cost way to get coal coal out of the ground.

The Salem 1600:

The Salem 1600 is an excellent unit for smaller contractors.  The Salem 1600 can be readily transported from job to job.  Travels hole-to-hole on skids mounted under the jacks.  This compact machine has great mobility as well as extremely stable footing in even the wettest pits.  The Salem 1600 lends itself to all types of augering applications.

The Salem 1500-B:

The Salem 1500-B coal auger is a smaller, easily transportable coal auger.  The Salem 1500-B can handle augers 16″-30″ in diameter.  The machine is designed to fit well with haulback systems and can work highwall lengths of just a few hundred feet.  Only the skids and pan conveyor need to be removed for highway travel.  This machine was designed to function efficiently in a variety of seam sizes.


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